In the Heart of Ferrari

An insight into our deep connection with the Prancing Horse

Ferrari SF90, BMW Sauber F1.09, McLaren MP4-22, Brawn BGP 001 & Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15 Formula One car models at 1:8 scale

Modern Formula One Collection

F1 Models at various scales since the turn of the millennium

Ferrari 250TR 'Lucybelle II' 1:8 scale model at Le Mans 1958

Ferrari 250TR 'Lucybelle II'

A special edition of three race weathered models

McLaren F1 LM Amalgam model at 1:8 scale

McLaren F1 LM

New Handling video on our youtube channel

Amalgam Collection Chevrolet Corvette Sculptures

Chevrolet Corvette Sculptures

the first in a new range of amalgam sculptures - pre-order the c3 corvette now

McLaren Senna Model at 1:8 scale

McLaren Senna at 1:8 scale

bespoke builds at 1:8 scale featuring lighting and electric doors

Red Bull, Toro Rosso, McLaren F1, Lotus-Renault, BMW Sauber, Brawn GP replica models: 1:12 scale nosecones and 1:4 scale steering wheels

Amalgam Miniatures

1:12 scale Nosecones and 1:4 scale Steering Wheels

Ferrari SF90 replica models: 1:8 scale car, 1:18 scale car, 1:4 scale steering wheel, 1:1 full size replica steering wheel and 1:12 scale nosecone

The Ferrari SF90 Collection

Available now

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15 1:8 scale model

Aston Martin Red Bull RB15

Now Available at 1:8 scale

Display cabinets for 1:8 scale models

display cabinets for 1:8 scale models

An elegant selection of illuminated display cabinets

News updates

Shmee150 Visits Amalgam's Bristol Workshop

Shmee150 Visits Amalgam's Bristol Workshop Amalgam were delighted to welcome our good friend and client Shmee150 to the Bristol workshop this afternoon. Tim was here to take a look behind the scenes as we begin the assembly stage of the bespoke build of his McLaren Senna. Tim was incredibly excited to visit, after being a huge fan of our models for a number of years. 

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Amalgam support Ferrari Events in the Middle East

Amalgam support Ferrari Events in the Middle East Salesperson Stephen Hurn has been Amalgam's representative across the United Arab Emirates for the last month as he journeyed through the Middle East and Asia, meeting many prospective and current Amalgam clients. Stephen supported several Ferrari events during his time abroad, displaying Amalgam models, much to the interest of many of the Ferrari owners. 

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Amalgam present at Autosport Awards 2019

Amalgam present at Autosport Awards 2019 Amalgam were delighted to be again present at the Autosport Awards 2019, elsewhere designated as the 'Greatest Night in Motorsport' at Park Lane's Grosvenor House Hotel. Amalgam provided a limited series of sculptures of Sir Jackie Stewart's Matra MS80, which celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Sir Jackie's first world title and carried plaques signed by the three-time world champion himself.

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