1990s Models

1990s Models

Amalgam are recognised worldwide as makers of the finest hand-made large scale models. Our work is unique in its attention to detail together with a focus on creating models that truly capture the style and spirit of each car. We have dedicated our energy and passion to achieving a level of accuracy, precision and excellence that raises the finished replica far above anything previously created. 
Ferrari F333SP

Ferrari F333SP 1:18 SCALE

The Ferrari that marked the Italian legend’s return to sports car racing after 20 years, the F333SP was an instant success. Built by Italian motor racing manufacturer, Dallara (and later Michelotto) to compete in the...


Ferrari F50 - US Version

Ferrari F50 - US Version 1:8 SCALE

This fine 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari F50 has been handcrafted and finished in our workshops with the co-operation and assistance of Ferrari regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of supremely...


McLaren F1 GTR Ueno Clinic (1995) 1st Le Mans In Development

McLaren F1 GTR Ueno Clinic (1995) 1st Le Mans 1:8 SCALE

Arriving March 2019 Soon after the launch of McLaren’s iconic F1 supercar, the BPR Global GT Series was created and several teams, seeing the racing potential in the F1 road cars, approached then McLaren supremo,...


McLaren F1 LM + Gordon Murray signed Copy of “Driving Ambition”

McLaren F1 LM + Gordon Murray signed Copy of “Driving Ambition” 1:8 SCALE

Our personally signed copies of Driving Ambition make a perfect combination with one of Gordon Murray’s most significant, successful and beautiful creations.  With unsigned new hardback copies of the book selling at hundreds of pounds...


McLaren MP4/6 (1991) Japanese GP

McLaren MP4/6 (1991) Japanese GP 1:8 SCALE

The MP4/6 proved somewhat of a risk for McLaren engine-wise, being fitted with a new V12 Honda unit that was longer, heavier and thirstier than the V10 which was to power many of McLaren’s rivals....